We have prepared for a new reading-mining referral contest in May.  We will start an awesome big bonus project for it.

The Contest Time:

The 1st contest:  2019/04/27 10:00:00  UTC time to 2019/05/03 10:00:00 UTC ( 6 days) 【Finished】

The 2nd contest:  2019/05/04 10:00:00  UTC time to 2019/05/10 10:00:00 UTC ( 6 days) 【Finished】

The 3rd contest:  2019/05/11 10:00:00  UTC time to 2019/05/17 10:00:00 UTC ( 6 days) 【Finished】

The 4th contest:  2019/05/18 10:00:00  UTC time to 2019/05/24 10:00:00 UTC ( 6 days) 【Finished】

The 5th contest:  2019/05/25 10:00:00  UTC time to 2019/05/31 10:00:00 UTC ( 6 days) Living Now


1. One who gets the most referrals wins! (Top 20).  A valid referral means your referral must mine coins at least once.

2. Only personal active referrals generated within each contest period will count.

3.  No Spam or anything unethical in your promotions

4. No fake or paid referrals - you will get deleted and banned for this

5. You are only allowed to share Partner Link on FaceBook, Twitter, Telegram, Vkontakte, Youtube and some other famous social networks.  All of other traffic are prohibited and invalid. 

6. The contest reward will be sent to winner's ETH address in 48 hours when each contest finished.

What is Bsai Reading Mining ?

If you are new here or confused about Reading Mining, please read this article and learn How Reading Mining Work ?

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