Launching on UNIDAX

Infinitus Token (INF), a star project in the spotlight, now launched on UniDAX exchange.

Infinitus has created INF Token, a blockchain based decentralised mobile app (DApp) to store digital data that is only accessible to a predetermined location (or person) and by a predetermined event, set by the user. In the event that sensitive data is lost, the smart contract is subsequently activated, INF Token retrieves the data and sends it to the predetermined location.

A common criticism of cryptocurrency heard, again and again, is that without controlling authorities such as banks, there is no way to retrieve access to lost or forgotten private keys. Infamous stories are rife of unsuspecting crypto enthusiasts losing thousands and even millions of dollars’ worth of crypto assets due to poor safety measures and unfortunate events. None of these stories are more famous than that of Bitcoin pioneer James Howells from Newport, Wales, who is seeking permission from the local council to excavate a landfill after he mistakenly binned a hard drive containing 7,500 Bitcoins worth approximately $55 million.

As we stand currently, there is no single all-encompassing solution that solves this inherent problem in an easily understood way that can be applied by almost anybody. Infinitus has not only solved this inherent problem in a revolutionarily creative way but has also created the solution to an abundance of other problems that have the potential to stifle cryptocurrency use for users.

Due to the sophistication of hackers, it is more important than ever to employ tight security and encryption measures to secure sensitive information such as private keys. But this has led to an unfortunate trend where these same security controls lead to lost data or files, resulting in the inability to access valuable crypto assets.

Data stored in the decentralised vault (dVault)  is fragmented, encrypted, replicated and distributed to all peer-to-peer nodes on the decentralized network. INF dVault can be used to store any alphanumeric data including passwords, wallet files, private keys, JSON files, UTC files, keystore files, mnemonic phrases, recovery seeds and even short text messages.


What does this mean?

By using INF Token, you can securely store sensitive information as a supplementary safeguard that only you can access in the event that this information is lost.

INF Token is the brainchild of a highly skilled team that brings a wealth of experience from a wide range of disciplines including Mergers and Acquisition, FinTech and Technology. Infinitus operates in full compliance with Singapore law and has won multiple awards internationally:

1)  Winner of the Blockshow startup in NYC, USA, May 2018

2)  The Tech Innovation Award in Xiamen CIFIT( China International Fair for Investment and Trade) in September 2018;

3)  The People’s Project Award at the ASEAN Digital Assets Summit, Bangkok, December 2018.


The UniDAX exchange has a strong foothold in South east Asia with more than 400,000 Southeast Asian users. UniDAX also has a deep understanding about the Chinese and Hong Kong markets. This brings collaboration between Infinitus and UniDAX to the next level whereby INF can be made available to buyers in China. 

Sphinx Rating, a well-known Chinese crypto rating agency, has awarded INF with a score of 4 out of 5 points, the rating is on par with EOS where the assessments are based on the track record, milestone achievements, reputation and credibility of how projects are perceived and being received among the crypto users across various markets.

Listing on UniDAX marks the beginning for Infinitus to spread its outreach to where the cryptocurrency industry expands.


INF can now be traded on UniDAX exchange. Begin trading now, and stand a chance to win up to 3,000 INF + 50,000 UNX Airdrop.

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