Ad Status


Slot 1: Existed  # Current bid: 300000 BSC.


  Slot 2 : Existed   #   Current bid: 200000 BSC.


Slot 3: Existed  # Current bid: 100000 BSC.


Slot 4: Existed  # Current bid: 150000 BSC.



 Slot 5: Existed  # Current bid: 80000 BSC.


Auction rules:


1.The bidding starts at 5000 BSC,and you could bid a higher price directly.


2.All bid prices must be integer multiple of 5000 BSC.


3.Your ad slot will be replaced when someone bids a higher price than yours. But all ads are guaranteed to be up for at least 12 hours. We will keep ads up for 10 days if it has always no higher bids.


4. The logo should be square. The first and second line of texts should be within 14 and 12 character, including a blank. 


5.Must contact email – with your biding price and ad slot before you send BSC.




Bsai Advertising Bid System:


This is the begning of BsaiCoin to used a vaule exchange. It’s allowed you to bid your advertising using BSC in our site. As known to us all, we have huge target cryptocurrency traffic. Your ads will get the best performance here. 


Now we only accept BsaiCoin (BSC) to bid our ads. If you don’t have BSC, you could get free BSC in our site or buy some coins from other users. We are touching with some exchange platforms, it will be available soon.



Destroy Token: 

All BsaiCoin earned from advertising bidding will sent to 0x4fFE4555262E6ad9C80A80C8d86568aa64bd3De1. Everyone can track and check this address. All tokens in it will be destroyed periodically. 



Advertising Terms:

We accept any kind of advertisement except for pages that break out of frames, have malicious code, have adult or illegal content. We reserve the right to deny any advertisement that we do not see fit to be displayed.



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  • Ripple XRP -
  • Bitcoin Cash BCH -
  • Litecoin LTC -
  • EOS EOS -
  • Qtum QTUM -
  • Ethereum Classic ETC -
  • Dash DASH -
  • Zcash ZEC -
  • NEO NEO -
  • Monero XMR -
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  • Cardano ADA -
  • IOTA IOT -
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