Bsai Product Release May 2019

We released a new product named Bsai-List. The BSAI LIST is a new kind of cryptocurrency directory site. 


We provide huge cryptocurrency traffic resources to ensure mass exposure for all projects in our Bsai list. It's allowed users to add you project into our list, including your refer link.

Spend BsaiCoin

It's the first app to accept BsaiCoin token. 


It took us much time to developed a powerful ERC-20 token payment gateway with our partner. You'll see more useful bsaicoin product/ service using this smooth payment gateway. That's a great beginning.

Bsai List Usage

1. Everyone can promote/add any project related cryptocurrency field. 

2. Everyone can vote bsaicoin to your favoriate project in our list.

3. We keep link unique principle. It means each project link will be unique. Once a project published by you, the others can't create it any more.

Vote Ranking

You are only allowed to vote project using BsaiCoin token.  The ranking is sorted by total voting amount. 


All contents in Bsai-List are created by users. Bsai List will strive to ensure accuracy of information listed on this website although it will not be held responsible for any missing or wrong information. By using this information you understand that you do so at your own risk.