All BsaiCoin earned from advertising bidding will sent to 0x4fFE4555262E6ad9C80A80C8d86568aa64bd3De1 and be destroyed periodically. This is first time to destroy these coins.



Amount: 200,000 BsaiCoin tokens 

Transaction Hash: 0x7e050dd948d7db164799b3a6abd23d5e655eb97fcb02858750a962f5bffe099a

Source :0x4fFE4555262E6ad9C80A80C8d86568aa64bd3De1 (Advertising Bid System)


Amount: 137,501 BsaiCoin tokens 

Transaction Hash:0x322f565423966e3b9696389bf20ff9235fb4620f968e85b635868a49735afd78

Source :0x4fFE4555262E6ad9C80A80C8d86568aa64bd3De1 (Advertising Bid System)

How to destroy BsaiCoin Tokens?

We will send the BSC amount to blank ETH address (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000)  directly. 

How to Check it?

You could using Etherscan or other block explorers to check BSC balance in that address.  Check Here