We run a long-term BsaiCoin Locking Plan.

Plan information:

Locked date: Jun-02-2019 02:22:03 PM +UTC

Locked amount:  550,000,000 BSC 【55% of total supply】

Locked ETH address: 0x028774F55ED0bdA9c49bEA483341B4F0a766D74B

Release condition:

Release 110,000,000 BSC 【20%】at Jun-02-2020 02:22:03 PM +UTC

Release 110,000,000 BSC 【20%】at Jun-02-2021 02:22:03 PM +UTC

Release 110,000,000 BSC 【20%】at Jun-02-2022 02:22:03 PM +UTC

Release 110,000,000 BSC 【20%】at Jun-02-2023 02:22:03 PM +UTC

Release 110,000,000 BSC 【20%】at Jun-02-2024 02:22:03 PM +UTC

BsaiCoin Introduction:

• BSC is the ERC20 token of the Bsai community. A total of 1,000,000,000 is issued.

• Contract address: 0x4d46335fe05ebf9d220382ae014328c0f62eb12d 

•Token Symbol: BSC

Decimals of Precision: 18

Bsai Project Introduction:

Bsai Team are trying to build a new generation of tokenize ecosystem. Bsai has over 700,000 registered users. We have launched several popular projects. 

Bsai Trading Simulator - A trading tool helps people learning how to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without any risk.

Bsai Blog - A writing platform of cryptocurrency blog

Bsai List - A cryptocurrency dictionary site  

Coming Soon:

Bsai Clog Social Network - Using Clog to record/share cryptocurrency life.

ERC20 Token Payment Gateway - Solution of Erc20 Token Payment

We never do any ICO, or pre-sales and all BsaiCoins are rewarded to users under our ecosystem. The value of BsaiCoin benefits from a valuable ecosystem and community consensus. Let's build something together!

BSC Listed on Exchange

We are happy to announce that BsaiCoin is listed on exchange platform now. BSC will officially make its world debut on MGDA , May 29, 2019. The specific arrangements are as follows:

Open BSC deposit / withdrawal: May 29, 2019 16:00 (UTC/GMT+8)

Open BSC Trading: June 12, 2019 16:00 (UTC/GMT+8)

Transaction pair: BSC/ETH、BSC/USDT

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