BsaiCoin Withdrawal Available 


What is BsaiCoin (BSC) ?


BsaiCoin (BSC) is a kind of cryptocurrency token distributed by BSAI.IO TEAM. Now It is ERC20 Token Standard based on ETH public blockchain. 


Total Supply: 1000,000,000 (1 Billion)

Token Contract :0x4d46335fe05ebf9d220382ae014328c0f62eb12d


How to withdraw BsaiCoin? 

1.Install MetaMask Wallet (Chrome)  


2.Add BSC token to your wallet.


3.Click Withdraw BSC and Fill out your ETH address 


4.You’ll get BSC within 24 hours after you make withdrawal request. And please check your wallet directly. 

Tips: You must check your address and enter a valid ETH address before your withdraw your BSC. If you input an invalid address, we can’t process your payment and your BSC in your bsai account is also deducted.




BSC Vaule

The aim of BSAI is creating more valuable service to help people enjoying Blockchain-dividend in this important internet revolution. So all of BSC holders are going to gain increasing benefit with the rapid development of BSAI TEAM.

You will purchase advertising on BSAI.IO , play our Dapp gaame and sell them on exchange platform soon. 



PairsChange (24h)
  • Bitcoin BTC -
  • Ethereum ETH -
  • Ripple XRP -
  • Bitcoin Cash BCH -
  • Litecoin LTC -
  • EOS EOS -
  • Qtum QTUM -
  • Ethereum Classic ETC -
  • Dash DASH -
  • Zcash ZEC -
  • NEO NEO -
  • Monero XMR -
  • Stellar XLM -
  • Cardano ADA -
  • IOTA IOT -
  • Lisk LSK -
  • NEM XEM -
  • TRON TRX -