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What is BsaiCoin (BSC)

BsaiCoin (BSC) is a kind of cryptocurrency token distributed by BSAI TEAM. It is NRC20 Token Standard based on NEBULAS platform, a more efficient and excellent public blockchain.

Note: We never do a ICO of BSC for all of our projects. All tokens will be given-away in AirDrop and other ways.

BSC AirDrop on

Total: 4500,000,00 BSC

Start: June 10, 2018

End: Finish Automatically once 4500,000,00 sent out.

We will recount the result of this event and publish a final detailed report. Then we are going to deploy token contract and start to send BSC token to your BSC address.( We will make a tutorial that teaching you how to receive your BSC. Please be patient.)

BSC Value

The aim of BSAI is creating more valuable service to help people enjoying Blockchain-dividend in this important internet revolution. So all of BSC holders are going to gain increasing benefit with the rapid development of BSAI TEAM.

Products - Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency trading simulator

Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency trading simulator It's our first launched APP. It helps people learning how to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without any risk. Now it has over 100K participants. Plus, we are considering to release a Dapp version.

NRC20 Token - Tools

This dapp will help users to create a Token/ICO in one press. It has a premium plan/perfect solution for professional users. This Dapp is nearing completion. Stay tuned!

Bsai Dapp Play

It's also a Dapp. We know the trend of blockchain app and we think more and more users are eager to use a tool for find decentralized app. The developers also want to find a good distribution platform.


Stay tuned

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