The Application of BSC Exchanging Beta will be close at 2018-06-16 16:00 UTC. If you have not joined it yet,  please follow the Tutorial to submit your application. 



Tutorial – How to Sell your BSC?


If you want to exchange your BSC into Bitcoin on June 25, 2018, you need to apply our BETA version now.

Step 1

Register a Nebula account – Click Here. Then Go to Settings:


1. Verify your Email Address

2. (New) Edit and Add your NAS wallet address – Get NAS walllet: Mobile Wallet , Chrome Extensions


BSC token is using Nebulas Blockchain Technology,We hope you could learn about Nebulas in advance.  BSC is NRC20 token so you should have a NAS wallet to accept our token in the future.


Step 2

Fill out this Form with your Bsai Username and Nebulas Name, then submit them to us.


Step 3

Keep on getting more BSC using our affiliate program before this  BSC AirDrop ends. 



You don’t get any respond after you submit the form. But don’t worry, As long as you submit a correct and invalid info, we don’t miss any application from you.  



 Exchange Beta Interface


If your submission info are correct, you will see the following page on June 25:


PairsChange (24h)
  • Bitcoin BTC -
  • Ethereum ETH -
  • Ripple XRP -
  • Bitcoin Cash BCH -
  • Litecoin LTC -
  • EOS EOS -
  • Qtum QTUM -
  • Ethereum Classic ETC -
  • Dash DASH -
  • Zcash ZEC -
  • NEO NEO -
  • Monero XMR -
  • Stellar XLM -
  • Cardano ADA -
  • IOTA IOT -
  • Lisk LSK -
  • NEM XEM -
  • TRON TRX -