Clog means Crypto-Blog, like video blog (Vlog). We hope Clog becomes a new unique writing platform and update anything you want to record in crypto field. So we create a simple and useful method, called "Clog".


Everyone can publish unlimited Clog contents. We encourage users to publish a meaningful Clog and update it daily according to your experience on it. 


Publish a thread named "My Cryptocurrency trading investments" , and you can update your trading straregy , profits, opinions, etc. 

Publish a thread named "Faucets Reviews" , and update the faucet sites you are using. Share your payment proof and tutorials.

 As a reference, Bsai Official Clog Page

In a word, you are allowed to publish any clog using your native language. The good contents can help your Clog page getting more readers and followers.

Clogger Bounty Plan

We start Clogger bounty plan to encourage our cloggers to create excellent contents.  If you want to join it, please contact after you complete the following requirements.

1. Update a thread at least 7 clogs.

2. The content should be real and original.

3. Use your native language


1. Your Clog Page will displayed on our home page and get huge exposure.

2. Reward 300,000 BsaiCoins

3. Unique Seal for your Clog page.