We team developed an interesting algorithm model using AI technology last moth.  The core of Reading Mine is powered by this AI engine. We think this feature is a very good practice. With the maturity of Bsai AI technology, this AI engine will be used in more fields.

Let me introduce "Reading Mining"...

We hided several "ETH" and "BsaiCoin" in our Bsai blog and you have to read our contents on Bsai blog to mine these coins. We believe it's really excited to pop a window tells You Mined Coins when you are reading some articles you like.

General Question

How to start Reading Mine? Need I register an account?

It's not necessary to register an account for Reading Mining.  You're Mining when you are Reading. You should try to become a real reader and read some articles you like. 

Why I always can't mine coins, even if I have read articles many times?

It's hard to answer. All decision are made by our AI engine and we are sorry that we can't  resolve your specific issue. But we can provide some simple proposes

Share Us With Social MediaDo Not Use VPN/Proxy ,Do Not Refresh Page FrequentlyRead Carefully, etc...

I can't get those coins in my ETH wallet address?

1. Usually we start to process payments within 48 hours after you mine coins.

2.Some wallets/exchange platforms have a minium deposit amount so that you can't see it in your wallet. Please use Etherscan to check your payment proof. We still recommend using MetaMask for receiving ETH and BSC.

Partnership Question (New Feature)

How to join Partnership of Reading Mining?

The system helps you to create your unique partner link automatically once you mine coins.  You'll get 100% commission while your friend mine coins every time.

Where to find my partnership link?

We have added your link into social buttons. You just need to choose a social network and share the content with your friends. 

How to check my partnership commission?

Click Here and enter your ETH address, you'll check them.


You are only allowed to share Partner Link on FaceBook, Twitter, Telegram, Vkontakte and some other famous social networks.  All of other traffic are prohibited. If you can't make sure it, please contact email - admin@bsai.io