Bsai Trading Simulator is becoming more and more popular. I just wrote this tutorial to newcomers for introducing how to start it. is a trading simulator tool that help people learning how to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without any risk. 

Register An Account and Click Start Contest Button

You'll see your trading dashboard and all of participants have a same initial fund – $10000. You can choose the cryptocurrency you want to trade on right bar. In a word, buy with a low price and sell them when it increase for making profits.

The duration is 7 days. The contest is taking place on continuing non-stop basis and everyone can join any of them at any time.

You could check “Contest Countdown” for each contest. It has a leaderboard to check your ranking of last contest you participated.


BSAI offers some BsaiCoin as rewards if you get ranked in leaderborad. 

Prizes of the contest (2019/02/06 updated)

1st place — 200000 BSC;

2nd place — 150000 BSC;

3rd place — 100000 BSC;

4th place — 70000 BSC

5th place — 50000 BSC

6th place — 20000 BSC

7th place — 10000 BSC

8th place — 8000 BSC

9th place — 7500 BSC

10th place —7000 BSC

11th place —6500 BSC

12th place —6000 BSC

13th place —5500 BSC

from 14th to 50th place —  5000 BSC

from 51th to 150th place — 4500 BSC

from 151th to 250th place — 4000 BSC

from 251th to 350th place — 3500 BSC

(* The prize bonus will keep increasing.)