Nebulas Dapp Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will guide you that how to start playing Nebulas Dapp. Please read following tutorial carefully and you will fast getting a new blockchain skill and experience the latest blockchain product.


We are going to use as an example.  


This dapp is developped based on Bsai Contest and deployed completely by smart contract of Nebulas Public BlockChain.


Required Tools before using any Nebulas Dapp:

Nebulas Mobile Wallet or 

Nebulas WebExtensionWallet

(If you have no idea about them, Please check our FAQ 5 directly)


Now Dbsai is friendly to PC and Mobile device so that you are allowed to use it on PC or your mobile phone smoothly.


If you are using WebExtensionWallet, please open Dbsai in your PC.

If you are using Nebulas Mobile Wallet, please open Dbsai in your mobile phone 



Step 1


Click Join button to start a trading contest




Step 2


It pops up your nebulas web wallet. It requires you to submit this smart contract. 


Click the Confirm, then click Submit.




It doesn’t charge you any NAS except GAS fee for transferring smart contract , but the gas fee is negligible.



Step 3


Just wait a few seconds, It will redirect to trading page.


It means you have started our Dbsai contest successfully.




Step 4


Choose a cryptocurrency you want to trade and fill in an amount.


Click Buy/Sell button




It still pops up your web wallet and requires you to complete the same confirmation in Step 1.


Just wait a second, you will see the Success. 



It meas that you have submitted your transaction to Blockchain successfully.




1. Why can’t I join Dbsai contest?


Before using Dbsai contest, you have to make sure you are using nebulas wallet. It’s a decentralized app. Your nebulas walllelt is like personal account,only you can use it.



2. Why should I pay Gas fee?

It’s a fundamental of BlockChain. Our Dbsai is a completely free service. All of gas fees are charged by Miners of BlockChain.



3. Why does the page always display loading/error for me?

Due to connection issue, sometimes you are unable to connect mainnet. Please refresh your page and try to connect it again.



4. Can I modify/reset my contest data?

Of course not, anyone including us can’t change/reset any data because it’s a smart contract under BlockChain. All data of Dbsai are uploaded and saved on blockchain and it can’t be changed by anyone. They are absolutely open and transparent. You could check any data you want.



5. How to start using Dapp if I don’t have nebulas wallet?

[1]. Click here and create an account – Nebulas


[2]. Go to Settings:

a) Verify your Email Address and Phone number

b) Edit and Add your NAS wallet address –

 Click Here to Create it using Mobile Wallet

Click Here to Create it using Chrome Extensions


[3]. Complete above tasks and you will get free NAS as your gas fee from Nebulas official.

Finally you could start to using our Dbsai Contest follow our guide.


We created a FaceBook Post. If you have any problem about it, please post it on FaceBook. We will help you solving your issue as soon as possible.

The Dbsai Trading Contest Live !! !!!Now you could start to join this contest using your Nebulas Wallet.

Posted by Bsai on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

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