Just a small-time token, taking a train to the moon.

Bitcoin prices continue to rise, much like our love for come backs and older songs, it goes on, and on, and on, and on.

Bitcoin is having a great rebound, reaching continuous yearly highs and inviting more people into the space, or, at least to think about getting into the space. Why is bitcoin rising so much, is it the market maturing, are more investors buying into the meaning behind the technology, or is it top companies like Facebook and Libra coin, getting involved, driving price and also excitement to new levels? Honestly, it could be all of the above, none of the above, or it could be a mix, not yet known to everyone in the market.

From 0USD to 11,000USD today, well, it doesn't sound like such a risk at all.

Bitcoin from the beginning;

Im always curious, about the first holders of bitcoin, did they keep their coins, sell them off when it ran up to 20,000USD, or throw them away? Some of the horror stories that have been told, if real, are truly amazing.

From being worth a few cents, to holding a rather steady 1000+USD value, is it really a bad investment?

For those of us who didn’t get into it from the start, which I imagine is everyone reading, including myself…..oh the shame, what about us, is it still a good investment, do we still have a chance to be a part, to experience the same value rises and spikes?

Or must we accept, that for a lot of people, buying now is just too expensive? It’s nearly 11,000 USD for 1 while I am writing this.

Can many of us buy even 1?

Don’t worry.

Enter; Mark Zuckerberg

In general Bitcoin has held its price, a constant price of a few thousand dollars for quite a long time, the education around it, is only improving, and the larger companies who can really make a difference like Facebook, are now involved.

The government and Facebook, the Libra association, will all be making some huge decisions in the following months and years. But the companies involved, are truly massive in what they can do for cryptocurrency,

Did you know who is involved in this new group?

To share a few of the biggest names;

From a quick look, i’m sure we all recognize a few of these logos. The biggest in global payment, online marketplaces and telecommunications.

This is an experienced group, with a lot of ability and resources. If they can ensure Libra coin is passed, then cryptocurrency could be seen by millions, pushed over all media over night through their marketing and advertising channels.

It would help ask the question, why do we need this new way of transaction?

The road to bitcoin, and the other cryptocurrency’s, is a small bridge away.

This will be an exciting time, and for anyone who wants to read more about Facebook and their coin;

check here:

Libra whitepaper

Libra association

Developer information

Let me know what you think below.

Will Facebook be the bridge to more people using crypto?
Will bitcoin continue to rise?

Feel free to check out a crypto exchange, and community to discuss further below.