Guaranteed Prizes! Crypto Lucky Draw Starts Now!


The crypto market value is rising, to celebrate the increases, Unidax is giving away more crypto than ever before!

Not 100USDT, not 1,000USDT. But 10,000USDT!

How do I play and enter?

Its super simple.
If you are a user of Unidax or MGDA, sign in, visit the lucky draw page and play.

For new users. Sign up here.

What can I win?


5,000 UNX
Monthly Free Pass
Mouth-watering prizes on offer. We wish you the best luck.

How do I get chances?

The big question, how do I get the chance to play?
Its also very easy.


1.  Sign in for 5 days in a row.

2.  Trade 1000USDT in a day

3.  Deposit 500USDT or more

4.  Spend 350UNX

Four amazing free ways to have a chance to win.

How do I use or get UNX?

Unx is used for trading expenses, and also to claim items from our exchange store.

Prizes available

Iphone XS
Itunes Cards
Google play cards
Mobile top up cards

We have another article to read more about UNX. Here.

Rules and limits

This activity will be opened to both UniDAX and MGDA users. Users can complete tasks or spend UNX to redeem a lucky draw chance.

Daily trading of 1000USDT or more to get 1 free draw. Up to 3 times per day. (The transaction progress bar will be delayed for about an hour.)

Single deposit of any cryptocurrency equivalent to 500USDT will receive 1 free draw. Up to 3 times per day.

The cyptocurrency won can be viewed in “Activity Account” under “Assets” page.

The Transaction Fee Pass will be sent within 3 working days. It will be valid for any transaction on UniDAX and MGDA for 1 month. The transaction fee will be automatically reduced after the transaction is completed.

The activity period and time will be based on Singapore Time, UCT +8.

UniDAX has the right to disqualify any user deemed cheating or using inappropriate behaviour.

UniDAX reserve the right to change, suspend or terminate the promotion or its terms and conditions at its sole discretion.”

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