I noticed that Bsai launched a new feature named Fast Exchange on the left sidebar of bsai.io. It offers a fast cryptocurrency exchange service without registration and KYC required.

I published this reviews after I tested this exchange service. I exchanged my ETH to Bitcoin successfully in a short time,  13 mins approximately. I had never exchanged cryptocurrency outside th exchange platform. Anyway it's really a convenient and secure exchange service for us.

I made a simple image tutorial for my this good experience.

Step 1 Click "Fast Exchange" and pop the exchanging window, Enter the amounts and choose coins you want to exchange

Step 2 You can see exchange rate, then enter your Wallet address (I filled out my Bitcoin Address).

Step 3  Start to send ETH follow their prompts. Double check the amount and address before you send fund.

Step 4 Just wait the block confirmation when you complete the fund sending. You can close the window and wait for your payments. I waited not more than 15 mins and got informed that transaction completed. I checked my bitcoin address and saw my 0.005147 BTC.

It's an easy fast exchange tool. I think you could choose this way when you need a micro exchange order.

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