Starting on February 19, the Brave Browser Developer channel will be moving onto the next phase where users will be able to view ads AND earn BAT. With the recent Phase 1, users on this channel (and recently the beta channel) were able to test Brave Ads out to get a first-hand experience of how these Brave ads would be presented and to get a feel for the overall program preview. While earning BAT tokens from these Brave Ads will not be available on the general release channel (main channel), users will notice token confirmations will be moving onto this channel, but within a disabled state.

While the Brave Browser focuses on privacy and blocking ads and trackers, Brave Ads will be opt-in, so you can set it if you'd like to experience such ads and earn BAT through it.

What do Brave Ads look like when you decide to opt-in?

If you decide to click on the ad, it will open a PRIVATE tab where the ad will not collect your information and where you can then interact with it and earn BAT.

Remember, the full Brave Ad program isn't available yet, rather, it will be available to test if you decide to download the Brave Developer channel and opt-in. There is bound to be bugs and issues along the way - that's the whole point of using the Developer channel, but you'll be able to experience Phase 2 of the Brave Ads program before it moves onto beta and general release.

To give you an overview of Phase 2:

  • Publisher-integrated Ads will provide 70% of the revenue share to participating Verified publishers and content creators; 15% of the revenue share will go to users that view and engage with the Publisher-integrated Ads, and the remaining 15% of the revenue share will go to Brave.
  • As a guiding principle, Brave Ads will always provide the user with a revenue share greater than or equal to what Brave receives.

To learn more about it: