BsaiCoin (BSC) is one of ERC-20 token like some other famous Ethereum tokens. You have to receive it using a standard Ethereum address. So first step you need a Ethererum wallet to generate an ethereum address for yourself. 

Why I can't see my BSC in wallet?

I know the most people are using some ethereum addresses generated by exchange platforms or some wallet services. (, Okex, CoinBase,
etc…) You must know all those addresses are not controlled by you. Although someone send BSC to your address, the coins will be not displayed in your dashboard. 

You should stop using these wallets for receiving BsaiCoins ASAP.


You can use Etherscan to check if receive BSC in your address.  

Choose a proper Ethereum Wallet



I am glad to receive invitation for writing this tutorial. I hope it can help people to learning how to choose a proper Ethereum wallet
avoid losing BSC token 

In next article I'll make a tutorial that explain how to use MetaMask.