I have been using Bsai.io over 1 years and witnessed their development. Now I am happy to share my experience for their new product - Bsai List. It let me believe that bsai will be a great cryptocurrency site.

I just tried to add a project in bsai list using my affiliate link. That project offers the service of blockchain domain sales and selling .zil domain. Anyway, I will get affiliate commission  from customers who click on my link, create an account, and purchase.  

Project Details Page: https://bsai.io/bsailist/unstoppable-domain

As you seen, my project gets 17000 bsaicoins votes and appears on the right bar. I can't say whether the 480 page views is more or less. But Unstoppable tells me I got a perfect sale orders. I have earned $180 commission from $460 sales. It's really a good day.

I think my commission will keep increasing. I will update it. If you like my review, please vote my project here : https://bsai.io/bsailist/unstoppable-domain

Thank You in advance.