BSAI Free Demo Trading Contest

The contest is an absolutely fair trading game. All of participants have a same initial fund – $10000.  You could buy and sell all cryptocurrencies using your trading strategy at any time. In a word,  try your best to make a profit and win the game. 


The time of the contest  (2019/02/19 updated)

The duration is 7 days.(Effective in 38th contest) You could check “Contest Countdown” for each contest.

The contest is taking place on continuing non-stop basis and everyone can join any of them at any time.


Prizes of the contest (2019/03/14 updated)

1st place — 50000 BSC;

2nd place — 30000 BSC;

3rd place — 20000 BSC;

4th place — 15000 BSC

5th place — 10000 BSC

6th place — 9500 BSC

7th place — 9000 BSC

8th place — 8500 BSC

9th place — 8000 BSC

10th place —7500 BSC

11th place —7000 BSC

12th place —6500 BSC

13th place —6000 BSC

from 14th to 50th place —  5000 BSC

from 51th to 150th place — 4500 BSC

from 151th to 250th place — 4000 BSC

from 251th to 350th place — 3500 BSC

(* The prize bonus will keep increasing.)



We will add BsaiCoins to your Bsai account  instantly when you are in the leaderboard list. You could withdraw them to your ETH address at any time.


Notice ( Must Read)

1. The ranking is based on  U.S dollars in your account . It means that you must sell all your coins before the end.

For example:

Currently You have 1.2 BTC and $500 now. If you  don’t exchange your BTC into U.S dollars before the contest countdown turning zero, we only count your U.S dollars – it is only $500.

2. You must start one trading order at least. If you don’t do any trading after you start a contest, your account will not be counted into leaderboard.


Contest Terms

1. It is not allowed to create multiple accounts using proxies or similar IP address changing applications/services.

2. Do not try to use any unknown bugs ,malicious trading straregy and any abnormal method for trading on

3. The ultra-short-term and high-frequency trading orders are prohibited on Bsai. All of profits made using those methods will be cleared. because they are not real market reaction.



We have rights to cancel your Prize and close all of your accounts if you are found to be breaking any of the above rules or trying to gain an unfair advantage to abuse the service.


Contact us

If you have other qustions, please send email to us –





PairsChange (24h)
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  • Ethereum ETH -
  • Ripple XRP -
  • Bitcoin Cash BCH -
  • Litecoin LTC -
  • EOS EOS -
  • Qtum QTUM -
  • Ethereum Classic ETC -
  • Dash DASH -
  • Zcash ZEC -
  • NEO NEO -
  • Monero XMR -
  • Stellar XLM -
  • Cardano ADA -
  • IOTA IOT -
  • Lisk LSK -
  • NEM XEM -
  • TRON TRX -