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How you could be earning crypto this Christmas (2019)

2019-11-26 UniDAX Christmas AwardChristmas Special AwardChristmas Surprise AwardChristmas Secret awardEvery day, users can win small BTC prizes! Guaranteed if you can complete the daily task. Win…

Uwallet | Your Private assets assistant

2019-11-19 UniDAX

Digital currency wallet providing One-stop trading and saving servicesChinese available, Full English Version Coming soon.Download here Uwallet. What Token’s can we store?BTC | LTC | ETH…

Crypto Facts!

2019-10-29 UniDAX

Did you know?

Bitcoin and crypto weekly facts.

2019-10-21 UniDAX

For everyone new in crypto, what do you think about weekly facts on crypto, and bitcoin?Some simple, some complicated. will be sharing facts, each week,…

Crypto Game; Which crypto are you?

2019-10-11 UniDAX

Play our game to see which crypto you are.Let us know below what your result is!Play now !

Bitcoin, crypto and porn.

2019-8-23 UniDAX

Bitcoin, crypto and porn. Will Crypto penetrate the Adult Industry? Porn is a huge industry, according to research, as much as 40% of the internet is related…

Unidax Exchange review

2019-7-26 UniDAX

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Bitcoin vs Gold. Space, Asteroids and NASA

2019-7-12 UniDAX

Bitcoin is better argumentGold has been valuable for 100\'s of years. It has real life, everyday use cases, and it is scarce.When you ask any…

The source of the first bitcoin

2019-7-11 UniDAX

Bitcoin in the beginning.Bitcoin has been around for quite a while, 10 years and counting.However,there are many questionsUnlike today, there were no exchanges, no places…

Why do people not adopt Cryptocurrency?

2019-7-10 UniDAX

What is currently stopping many of us from starting?Our team has asked and researched influential speakers and leaders in finance and crypto about what the…

Under strict supervision, how is the development of China’s cryptocurrency industry?

2019-7-08 UniDAX

As a kind of digital asset without a national boundary, Cryptocurrencies have been noticed and held by investors from all over the world. According to…