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Uwallet | Your Private assets assistant

2019-11-19 UniDAX

Digital currency wallet providing One-stop trading and saving servicesChinese available, Full English Version Coming soon.Download here Uwallet. What Token’s can we store?BTC | LTC | ETH…

Unidax Exchange review

2019-7-26 UniDAX

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Bitcoin vs Gold. Space, Asteroids and NASA

2019-7-12 UniDAX

Bitcoin is better argumentGold has been valuable for 100\'s of years. It has real life, everyday use cases, and it is scarce.When you ask any…

Why do people not adopt Cryptocurrency?

2019-7-10 UniDAX

What is currently stopping many of us from starting?Our team has asked and researched influential speakers and leaders in finance and crypto about what the…

Under strict supervision, how is the development of China’s cryptocurrency industry?

2019-7-08 UniDAX

As a kind of digital asset without a national boundary, Cryptocurrencies have been noticed and held by investors from all over the world. According to…

Dont stop! Believing in Bitcoin, or Libra.

2019-6-28 UniDAX

Just a small-time token, taking a train to the moon.Bitcoin prices continue to rise, much like our love for come backs and older songs, it…

Asia Blockchain Summit 2019, a Blockchain revolution

2019-6-24 UniDAX

The new era of BlockchainThis coming July 2nd and 3rd will host the Asia blockchain summit (ABS) in the Marriott Hotel, Taiwan.Over 4,000 attendees are…

Review – Project Performance on Bsai List

2019-5-25 Simcounters

I have been using over 1 years and witnessed their development. Now I am happy to share my experience for their new product -…

Chain Plus: New Era of Blockchain Asia Pacific Digital Finance Blockchain Event

2019-4-02 UniDAX

Breaking news! Unidax will be a sponsor at Chain plus in Singapore.Let’s start with this breakdown;Chain Plus is a blockchain brand summit led by The…

The funniest Blockchain-Game platform, register to get token

2019-3-29 HappyBlockCity

Happy small games, choose Block City! Find various funny Blockchain small games here, register to get token! Do not miss it, come and play with…

Unstoppabledomain – The Blockchain Domains Will Become A New Assets

2019-3-16 bencongsir

Do you think is it too late to invest domain?Do you regret that you didn\'t purchase a with $100 -$500 in the 1990s or…