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Let's try these funny small games!

Tips: click Personal Center when registering, and finish the registration there, you will get 5BRB. Don't forget!

Happy Block City have nine different areas of game currently, as shown below. No matter using BNB, HT, or BTC, you can all find your areas to play here.

  1. Each area has various funny and simple small games, play games and earn money quickly, winning rate reahces over 50%
  2. easy to learn, short to play, you can open the browser and play at any time
  3. There's automatic mode, system can bet automatically for you
  4. Support playing with various non-mainstream cryptocurrencies, a good chance to use your non-mainstream tokens and coins.
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telegram group: https://t.me/happyblockcity

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Reward 1: Register Happy Block City (https://happyblockcity.com/) and receive 5BRB (platform token of BitRabbit Exchange)

Reward 2: Play games in Happy Block City, record a video of how to play, then post it to YouTube and other social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, you will receive big rewards of token!


  1. Enter the Personal Center to register and receive 5BRB. You can use BRB to play games.
  2. Join telegram group(https://t.me/happyblockcity), and send the posted link of your video in the group to get your rewards.
  3. You will get basic reward as soon as you post your video, and will receive more rewards if your video gets more clicks.
  4. If you run out of BRB to play the games, you can ask our telegram admin for more BRB and use it to record and post game playing videos.