First, what is Token2049?

The UniDAX team insights.

Recently, our team attended the annual Token2049 event in Hong Kong. Learning from and speaking with Vitalik Buterin, Charlie Lee, Justin Sun, Max Kordek and many other globally renown Crypto Specialists. This is what we learned;

New BTC bottoms?

1,300USD BTC bottom-”Crypto Analyst: When Moon?”

The talking point of BTC, its bottom and swings will continue to drive interest, do you believe it will reach these prices?

This panel certainly had their say.

ETH 2.0 Serenity ETH2

On Wednesday, Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin ran us through the next stages for sharding, Proof of stake, and his vision for the next steps in blockchain advancement. Improving the scale-ability and efficiency of Ethereum, being the main targets for his team.

UniDAX Team thoughts
We look forward to more advancement from the Ethereum team, there are a lot of challenges but with the best in the industry working hard towards a common goal, we can't wait for more usability in the crypto industry. Opening up blockchain and crypto to the world is a must. We hope the wait isn't too long, and the reach is wide.

Is Ethereum your platform of choice?

Rise of smart contract usage

Two years ago smart contracts including token transfers were non existent. Now, it is roughly 40% of what Gas fees are spent on using the ETH network.

Adoption of smart contracts

Security Tokens

The road to Trillions?

Next steps in blockchain. Are Security tokens the new standard?

What are securities?

Investment concepts and recognized assets are emerging as the newest trend in the blockchain space. Bonds, opinions, shares, stocks, are all financial assets and what we can call securities.

Security Tokens

Regulated tokens offering dividends, profits and or interest to generate profit for token holders.

STO Security Token Offerings

The new type of token where you can invest, for returns.

Will you invest?

Industry problem Community Discussions in Event

Pump and dump

Wash trading


Share your thoughts, we look forward to discussing together.

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