Understanding Cryptocurrency Charges, Fees and Transaction Times.

Credit cards, banks and over the counter purchases.

We understand all of these, and have a general understanding of charges, timing and restrictions. We know the pros and the cons.

Enter Cryptocurrency. Many of us, are interested, but its not so easy to understand, we need to have a simple and clear understanding showing us the ropes and underlying information.

Here at UniDAX we like clear information. Today we are going to share just what you can expect from using Cryptocurrency. Charges, Pricing and General usage. Here at Unidax.

Lets start with Charges.


Buying is simple. Currently, we accept HKD or CNY. There is no charge for this transaction. The Cryptocurrency will be transferred into your UniDAX account.

Buying transaction time

Buying with CNY, the transaction time will require a few hours.

Buying with HKD, requires a longer waiting time, but if the transaction is completed in the morning, you can expect an end of day transfer for your USDT to your account.

Trading to other cryptocurrencies

So, you entered into crypto and are the proud owner of one of our 5 crypto. Maybe you want to sell as the price has went up, maybe you want to try another crypto because of some news, or maybe you want to have a little bit of everything just in case.

How to do it?

You enter our exchange; exchange page.

Here you will see the trading page and trading pairs.

Trading pairs;

When you first buy a cryptocurrency on UniDAX, it will be called USDT.

With your USDT, you can buy Bitcoin(orange colour), Ethereum Classic (Blue), Ethereum (Light Blue)or Litecoin (White).

These are the trading pairs for this coin.

Lets now look at Bitcoins Trading Pairs.

Here, you can buy Ethereum on the left, or, Litecoin on the right using your Bitcoin.

These are the Bitcoin Trading Pairs.

How that you know the trading pairs, its easy to sell, buy and trade.

Each time you buy or sell, there is a 0.2% fee from the trade. This is for every transaction.

Once the trade goes through, and someone accepts to buy or sell for your asking price, you will immediately receive the assets into your account.


Maybe Bitcoin has reached the moon, and its time to store some of your assets in your crypto wallet or safe place.

Here are the attached fees;

For each coin, the withdrawal fee changes, so make sure to have a clear look, so you know exactly what each charge is.


Transaction times, pricing, buying and selling. We hope this can help make everything easy. We have much more information on our site and a great Customer Service team ready to help.

We hope to see you all soon.

If you have any questions, visit us and lets work it out together.

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