Do you think is it too late to invest domain?

Do you regret that you didn't purchase a with $100 -$500 in the 1990s or early 2000s? Now the opportunity of domain investing is backing again with a new model under blockchain technology.

Let's review the success of .eth (Ethereum Domain). They sold $33M totally in 1st year since .eth domain launched. The highest price is up to $3.5M for a domain.

Let me introduce a New Domain Investing Chance to you - Unstoppabledomains

The Unstoppabledomains is selling .zil domain. You may know .zil is a new blockchain domain provided by Zilliqa Blockchain. The zilliqa is a new public-blockchain and gets a lot of attention while it was born.  The zilliqa offers a smart contact blockchain with sharding and has a top tier engineers team and a strong technical community. In a word, Zilliqa has started their domain business.

If you want to purchase a .zil domain, go to Unstoppabledomains and purchase yours as soon as possible because you still have chance to choose a good domain. Maybe you'll earn 5-10X profits 1 year later, who knows?.

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