Vote Using BsaiCoin

Bsai List is our new product. Everyone can promote / add cryptocurrency project in it.

The most important feature is that you can vote your favorite site using BsaiCoin token. The project ranking on Bsai list will sort by BSC votes.

If you don't have BsaiCoin, you could buy it on Forkdelta Exchange

BsaiCoin Vote Interests

The BsaiCoin you vote will be locked 2 month. After 2 month, you can withdraw your BsaiCoin by yourself and you'll get extra 50% vote interests.

For example,

You vote 1,000 BSC in a project at 2019/05/24/ 00:00:00 ,

You can withdraw 1,000 BSC + 500 BSC (vote interests) after 2019/07/24/ 00:00:00

We made a simple vote tutorial. Please follow this tutorial to start your first voting.

1. Choose the project you want to vote

2. Select BSC amounts you want to vote and fill out your sender address ( Important) ,

*If you fill out address A, you must use address A to send BSC to receiver address.

3. Confirm your payment and pay it.

4. Await transaction confirmed, then Click  ’Refresh Status’ , Vote successfully, you'll see that your vote is displayed on project page.

5. Go to your Vote interests page, you'll see all details.