Welcome to Bsai Blog! It is a important feature and change since Bsai Trading Simulator launched. We hope it can help bsai users learning more useful information.  we are not the first blogging platform but we will be the best.

General Introduction

This platform is a part of bsai.io. Now you can login here with your bsai account.  For a new comers, you could register a new account and this account is also suitable for bsai.io (Trading Simulator). We will separate blog from trading simulator in the future.

We have distributed our ERC-20 token named BsaiCoin( Contract: 0x4d46335fe05ebf9d220382ae014328c0f62eb12d).  We decide to take 50% of BsaiCoin for this blogging platform and encourage our users, especially publishers. We will give original content author huge support for their great work.

Become an author:

1. Everyone can become an author here but your first article/content will be reviewed.  Once your first content approved and get author verified, your next articles will be published instantly.

2. Currently we reward 30000 BSC / article for publishers. We also reward extra BSC depends on reading volume, Like volume, comments volume (This feature will be open soon).

3. The publishers can get writing offer from the 3rd part. Get paid for writing, releasing and other service in our blog platform.

4. We have huge traffic resource of cryptocurrency field. Your contents will also get huge reads. If you publish an article to introduce some airdrops project, affiliate programe, etc, it must be a perfect performance.

Content Requirement

You will publish only your English original content or content that you own the copyright for and / or have express written permission from the original author to publish their content on BSAI BLOG

You understand your posts and blogs can be deleted from us without warning if content you publish on BSAI BLOG is copy / pasted OR spun (reworded).

You understand that you will lose your authorship privileges or that your account will get banned without warning and that you will lose access to Bsai if you publish copy / pasted AND / OR spun (reworded) content.

You understand that all the BsaiCoin you earned will be removed without warning if content that you published was found to be copy / pasted without permission AND / OR spun (reworded).


We hope you could find useful content for yourself. If you find them, don't forget to share them on your facebook. Then Like that article, you'll get 100 BsaiCoin.

The cryptoblog is still in beta. We will keep upgrading here.

Thanks for reading